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KS2: Be smart, say NO!

Image: group of friendsOur Key Stage 2 activity packs are full of age-appropriate and colourful resources introducing the topics of alcohol, drugs, smoking and peer pressure. In Key Stage 2, these subjects are covered in more detail and children can begin to connect them with what they see around them.

Each KS2 pack includes an A5 booklet full of resources and activities, and a set of posters. 

The subjects of alcohol, smoking and drugs are also introduced through thinking about health. The smoke free me, alcohol free me and drug free me pages encourage children to stay healthy so they can do the things they enjoy.

The children learn that alcohol and cigarettes are drugs that can harm their bodies. The drug free me section introduces the concepts of medicine drugs and non-medicine drugs, and staying safe activities back up learning.

Wider issues are then introduced, such as secondhand smoke, the contents of a cigarette and alcohol units.

The topic of smoking is covered more in-depth, allowing children to connect cigarettes in this country with global issues like deforestation and child tobacco workers.

Image: boy saying noThe subject of peer pressure is introduced through storyboards, and the message that kids can say no to pressure is reinforced.

Children can work through the books in class, at home or with parents. Interactive learning and different ways of looking at the topics make the messages memorable. These resources can be referred to again and again to reinforce the importance of staying healthy and saying no to drugs as children grow up.

Visit our online shop to order resources for KS2. Our World Around You section for kids will also be helpful!

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